Patio Heaters for Sale in Chicago, IL

tng patio heaters for sale

Patio heaters have been skyrocketing in demand near Chicago, IL. When temperatures drop, the weather may not suitable for an outdoor social function or dining experience. Decreases in temperature can potentially ruin weeks of planning, forcing your guests huddled inside for warmth. For this reason, investing in a patio heater can grant you some level … Read more

Infratech Patio Heaters

Infratech Patio Heaters

Why Infratech is a Top Choice Infratech heaters has been a popular choice for outdoor patio heaters. Now with COVID-19, patio heaters have been in great demand for restaurants and homes. Infratech specializes in infrared heating with their multitude of patio heating products. With multiple styles available, Infratech has proven to cater towards the customers … Read more

American Made Patio Heaters: Sunpak, Sunglo, and Infratech

USA made patio heaters

The major differences between USA made patio heaters and China outdoor heaters. Our USA brands are Sunpak, Sunglo, and Infratech.

USA Made Infrared Patio Heaters

USA made patio heater

Most of the time when you think of Infrared patio heaters you think of outdoor space heaters. You think of how little the space actually heats up. You think of how unpleasant it is to feel cold air rushing through your home when someone leaves the door opened. Including these space heaters to prevent the … Read more

Helping Restaurants Get Back To Business

How Patio Heaters Are Making A Difference This year has had loads of unexpected events. While this is challenging for all, many restaurants sprung into action by bringing the dining experience outdoors. Whether it being outdoor patios or converting parking lots into dining spaces, patio heaters are making a significant impact on customers’ experience. With … Read more

Many Patios Are Now Main Dining Rooms

Food Industry News TNG Industries

In a recent article published by Chicagoland’s Local Food Industry News, The author explained how many restaurants are now using their patios as their main dinning rooms. As the months turn cold, it will be hard to maintain a comfortable atmosphere outdoors. Extend Restaurant Patio Season To extend patio dining, restaurants are installing patio heaters … Read more

Infratech Heaters FAQ

Here at TNG Industries Inc, customer service is a top priority. We provide information on the latest features and capabilities of Infratech’s Patio Heaters. Here are some common questions below for Infratech Heaters. If you do not see your question please reach out to our Contact Page. General How Can I Calculate My Cost Of … Read more