Control Options for Infratech Heaters

Infratech’s heaters have a wide range of control options that lets you customize climates in any setting. Optimizing your comfort will allow you to stay outdoors for longer. At TNG Industries, we offer control options that can match any heating configuration, setting, and budget.

Each control option gives you the ability to adjust heat intensity for all applications. There are also optional timer functions if you need intervals of heat. The control options can include In-Wall or Surface Mounts and weatherproof covers and boxes.

Infratech’s Custom Controls require a relay panel that is custom-built for each project. Custom controls include Solid State Control Packages, Home Management Systems, and Universal Control Packages.

Infratech’s Value Controls do not require a panel since they are less than 12 Amps. Value controls include simple ON/OFF Switches, Duplex Stack Switches, and INF Input Regulators.

Infratech Value Controls

Value Control Options

Infratech’s value controls include ON/OFF Switches, Duplex Stack Switches, and INF Input Regulators. These controls do not require a relay panel so installation will be quick with ease.

Infratech’s ON/OFF Switch

Infratech’s simple ON/OFF Switches are designed for use with all single element heaters. This presents a low-cost option for all single element heaters. The maximum amps per switch are 20 amps. Also, each heater must have its own ON/OFF Switch. These are available in a single or dual format.

Infratech’s Duplex/Stack Switch

Infratech’s Duplex Stack Switches are designed for use with WD-Series dual element heaters. This remains a low-cost control option for all dual element heaters. With the ability to turn on and off each element independently, this control option provides half power/full power capabilities. The range is 120/277 VAC.

Infratech’s INF Input Regulator

Infratech’s INF Input Regulators are designed for use with single element heaters. This is a low-cost option for single element heaters up to 3000 watts (Maximum is 14 amps.). It is important to know that this is not a dimmer, INF gently cycles the heater on/off at regular intervals when it is not on full power. Each heater must have its own INF Input Regulator.

Infratech Custom Controls

Infratech’s custom controls include Solid State Control Packages, Home Management Systems, and Universal Control Packages. Remember that these controls require relay panels that are custom-built for your project. A great feature is the ability to create multiple heating zones with adjusting multiple heater intensities. Make the most out of these custom controls with full flexibility and functionality for any residential or commercial property.

Solid-State Control Packages

Infratech’s Solid State Control Packages have the ability to create zone heating and adjust heating intensity. Achieve ideal comfort for your space with the ability to control one or more heaters to heat specified target areas within a large-scale space with one touch. The Zone Analog Controller is custom to each project and can include a digital timer, control knob for intensity, and an ON/OFF switch. Along with the solid-state relay panel, the two work together to achieve maximum comfort. Zone Analog Controllers are available in grey or white. Relay panels are NEMA 4 RATED and completely weather resistant. 

Home Management Systems

Infratech’s Home Management Systems integrates Infratech’s heaters directly into your home management system. This allows you to automate your heaters wherever you go. You may install an app to control your heaters or use your currently installed system for control. You may even save preferred heat settings for off-site control via a mobile device. The home management control is compatible with top-selling systems like Lutron, Creston, Control 4, and many others. The relay panel required for this system needs to have a 0-10V DC Signal.

Universal Control Packages

Infratech’s Universal Control Packages is the complete solution that will work with nearly any 120V Lighting System. The universal control panel allows you to install and control your Infratech heaters using any lighting dimmer of your choice. We also offer a universal slide dimmer with an optional timer for convenience. This is a great choice for larger or commercial properties. You may also connect your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth compatible device.


It is important to remember that Infratech’s control options provide wiring diagrams. The products are also tested before it leaves the factory. Each Infratech heater is assigned a UL Listing Number. Each panel is built specifically for each job. Choosing Infratech is a great choice for your outdoor heating equipment as all products are covered by a 3-year warranty.