The Sunglo Patio Heater was introduced in the early 1960’s as a new concept to help people enjoy the outdoors. Over the years, the Sunglo Patio Heaters have enjoyed tremendous popularity in North America and throughout the world. Residential and commercial users a like have discovered the benefits of extending the outdoor season, all by the use of the Sunglo Patio Heater.

Over the years Sunglo Patio Heaters have shown to have tremendous popularity across the world.

Sunglo offers a variety of natural gas and propane heaters to be flexible to the location and because of this, both residential and commercial customers have been able to experience the benefits in Sunglo’s Patio Heaters. The heaters have the ability to effectively heat their outdoor locations, allowing them to extend the outdoor season. Sunglo’s heaters are effective because the heaters have a one-piece deep dish reflector which broadcasts the radiant heat over a fifteen-foot radius so everyone can enjoy comfort heat. Sunglo heaters work like the sun; they utilize radiant heat to warm people and objects without heating the surrounding air.

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