American Made Patio Heaters: Sunpak, Sunglo, and Infratech

Recent times have inclined more customers to purchase USA made products. American made patio heaters have been experiencing an increase in demand since the start of COVID-19 in March. A recent study mentioned by Forbe’s stated that “About half of consumers said they agree or strongly agree that U.S. retailers should cut back on sourcing from China”.

USA vs China made patio heaters

As far as patio heaters goes, the difference between USA made heaters and China made heaters can be quite significant if you’re not being careful. Many customers have experienced faulty or false ratings that are likely due to China’s regulations which some say is non-existent.

In the US, there is stricter environment regulations and each product must be meeting all the proper specs. This quality control includes meeting specs for alloying, heat treatment, size tolerances etc.

The problem with some (not all) China made products is that the product may claim to be passing all the required specifications when in fact it does not. This is due to the lack of quality control regulations in China.

American Made Outdoor Heaters

We recommend purchasing from these 3 brands for USA American made patio outdoor heaters: Sunpak, Sunglo, and Infratech.

Sunpak Patio Heaters

Sunpak Patio Heaters specialize in unvented infrared heaters for any outdoor installation. Sunpak heaters are outdoor rated heaters available for use with natural or propane gas. The heaters can be either wall or ceiling mounted. Sunpak heaters do need a continuous supply of fresh air and proper ventilation of combustion gases to operate safely. Rest assured, all units are equipped with spark ignition and 100% shutoff for safety, economy and convenience. Sunpak heaters come in a sleek slim design with a 0-30 degree angle mounting option allowing efficiency, large coverage, and flexibility.

Sunglo Patio Heaters

Sunglo Patio Heaters offers a variety of natural gas and propane heaters to be flexible to the location and because of this, both residential and commercial customers have been able to experience the benefits in Sunglo’s Patio Heaters. The heaters have the ability to effectively heat their outdoor locations, allowing them to extend the outdoor season. Sunglo’s heaters are effective because the heaters have a one-piece deep dish reflector which broadcasts the radiant heat over a fifteen-foot radius so everyone can enjoy comfort heat. Sunglo heaters work like the sun; they utilize radiant heat to warm people and objects without heating the surrounding air.

Infratech Patio Heaters

Infratech Patio Heaters are the premier choice for outdoor comfort. As a pioneer and leader in infrared comfort heat, Infratech offers a wide range of heating capacities and custom control options, to complement any indoor/outdoor space. One of the major benefits of infrared heaters is that they are not affected by wind; so they will not turn off if a 15 mph wind blows at them. Other benefits include energy efficiency over 90%, no harmful emissions or odors, Inexpensive to operate and aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance. Unlike gas heaters, there are no valves, ignition components, moving parts or burners to maintain or repair. In addition, electric heaters produce no sound, odors or toxic emissions.


For American made patio heaters we recommend these brands; Sunpak, Sunglo, and Infratech. The difference between USA made patio heaters and Chinas’ is all about quality control and major differences in regulations for production. There has been a lot more interest in USA made products and it continues to rise as we approach 2021.

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