Infratech Heaters FAQ

How Can I Calculate My Cost Of Operation?

Electric heaters are economical to operate. It is easy to estimate your operating cost by multiplying the total kilowatts by your local power rate for a “kilowatt hour” (kwh). Standard power rates vary from market to market. Your rate should appear on any monthly utility statement. For example, a typical 3,000 watt (3 KW) heater, at full power, would cost 39¢ per hour based on a utility rate of 13¢ per kwh. Also keep in mind that your electric heater has a lower acquisition cost than a standard gas heater. You can calculate the cost of operation using an energy cost calculator online here.

How Many Heaters Will I Need?

Determining how many heaters you will need depends on multiple factors including the dimension size of the area. We are happy to help you design a heating system specified for your outdoor area. Give us a call at 708 – 449 – 1100 to talk to our professionals.

Why Infratech Solid-State Controls?

Infratech solid-state controls give you the most efficient and versatile form of control for your heaters. While other lower cost controls are available, if your space calls for larger heaters or multiple heaters, solid-state controls quickly become your best choice for a quality installation. Find more information on our solid-state control packages here.

What Is The Difference Between C-Series and W-Series Heaters?

C/CD and W/WD-Series heaters share the great benefits of Infratech electric infrared heat: eco-friendly, efficient, odorless, and an extensive Three-Year Warranty. The C-Series and W-Series heaters are available in a range of wattages, sizes, color & control options. That being said, the difference between the two heaters is the shape of the body where C-Series has curved brackets with 2.5″ in depth. Perfect for wall and ceiling applications. The W-Series has angular brackets with 3″ in depth. This is ideal for flush-mount applications. Find more information here.

Can I Run Infratech Heaters With 120 Volts Of Power?

Using a 110/120-volt heater (1,500 watts maximum) is fine for enclosed areas like garages, indoor work areas or outdoor spaces no larger than 5′ x 5′. When heating larger areas, running a dedicated 110/120-volt circuit is not practical or economical. A 240-volt circuit will require the same amount of wiring, will heat substantially larger areas with greater comfort, and will simply require two spaces in the breaker panel, rather than one.

How Long Does An Infratech Quartz Element Last?

Infratech elements are rated for 5,000 hours of continuous use. In many installations, you may enjoy your heater for years before a replacement would be needed. Always refer to the W-Series manual for specific instructions, and be sure to disconnect the power to your heater before attempting to change an element.

Can I Integrate The Solid-State Controls Into My Home Management System?

There are two ways to integrate our solid-state controls into your home management system. One permits on/off and timer functionality only, by switching the 120-volt power to the analog remote. The second way allows for full integration with our controls designed to accept a 0-10-volt DC signal from the home management system, to vary the intensity of the heaters. Contact us for a complete consultation. Find more information here.

How Can I Flush Mount My Infratech Heaters?

Flush mounting your Infratech Heaters will require a pocket on your ceiling but is fairly simple to install. Read our article on how to flush mount your Infratech Heater.

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