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How Patio Heaters Are Making A Difference

This year has had loads of unexpected events. While this is challenging for all, many restaurants sprung into action by bringing the dining experience outdoors. Whether it being outdoor patios or converting parking lots into dining spaces, patio heaters are making a significant impact on customers’ experience.

With Covid-19 reopening restrictions, restaurants are relying on temporary outdoor seating to help business. We depend on these establishments to upkeep their standards and bring great times and even greater food. With an Industry hit like this, it is hard for eateries to compensate for the aesthetics of indoor dining.

Solutions For Outdoor Dining Spaces

In Chicago, restaurants are still required to operate outdoors thus making it a difficult season for fall dining. Usually you will have to bundle up if you are dining at these temperatures. Luckily, TNG’s Commercial Patio Heaters has proven to extend the patio season with their extremely comfortable heat. While your usual retail patio heater will go bad in less than 60 days (Since it is not made for continuous use), TNG Patio Heaters can last up to 11 years with minimal maintenance.

Permanent Outdoor Dining Solutions

If your restaurant has an outdoor dining space like a patio, it will be best to install a commercial heater to provide the maximum comfort for customers. One of our top selling heaters for permanent spaces is our Infratech Electric Patio Heaters. These are cost efficient, last up to 11 years, come in a variety of sizes and colors, and have smartphone capabilities. Extend your outdoor dining season by installing these heaters. Call us at 708-449-1100 for more information.

Temporary Outdoor Dining Solutions

For restaurants that are looking for a more temporary solution to their outdoor dining space, look no further! TNG’s Portable Patio Heater is the perfect solution for all temporary patios. Available in natural gas and propane, these heaters come in different finishes from stainless steel to vintage style. This is nice to beautify your outdoor dining space without spending much. Call us at 708-449-1100 for more information.


Restaurants are quickly converting their outdoor spaces to main dining spaces. With this transition, restaurants are installing patio heaters to help customers feel comfortable despite the dropping temperatures. Incorporating commercial patio heaters will prove long lasting and will also be cost efficient. Visit our social media to see our most recent posts!

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