USA Made Infrared Patio Heaters

Most of the time when you think of Infrared patio heaters you think of outdoor space heaters. You think of how little the space actually heats up. You think of how unpleasant it is to feel cold air rushing through your home when someone leaves the door opened. Including these space heaters to prevent the problem may work temporarily but space heaters offered in retail stores are not made for longevity.

While most retail-bought outdoor heaters are made in China, our Infrared patio heaters from Infratech are made in USA and guarantee quality.

Infrared Heating History

Before we explain how our Infrared Infratech heaters work we must understand the history behind Infrared heating.

Clearly, in the beginning of time our sun has been providing our planet with light. Light as many know is our oldest and most efficient source of heat. Although the sun may not feel warm during the colder months, it is still present. One can imagine how fire was introduced to the story, and from there humanity started to tap into our earth’s resources such as natural gas, coals etc.

After decades of alternative heating methods, modern society decided to try to cut back on these resources and started developing ways to incorporate the sun to achieve maximum efficiency. Although these innovations are fairly recent, it was proven back in the early 19th Century. An astronomer and scientist named William Herschel started to look into the light of the sun to source heat.

William Herschel actually discovered the planet Uranus! During this time, it was proven that light from the sun could be separated into colors. This spectrum of color was achieved using a simple glass device called a prism. William decided to test these separate components by using color filters when examining the sun with his telescope.

To his astonishing discovery, Hershel noticed that when using a red filter on his telescope it actually caused an increase in heat. This invisible light was named infrared.

During World War II is when infrared heating was gaining popularity. At the start of the war, infrared heating was used for drying paint and heating metals in factory production processes. This proved more efficient than using fuel convection ovens for these kinds of materials. Thus saving manufacturers lots of money.

Nowadays there are far more advances in the infrared industry and one company that continues to innovate is USA Patio Heater manufacturer Infratech.

How do Infratech Heaters Work?

Infratech leads the innovation for infrared heaters because they use a premium quartz element for heating. Infratech infrared heaters emit light on a very specific wavelength. Although you won’t be able to see the light flowing, you will most certainly feel the heat. While traditional heaters heat the surrounding air, Infratech infrared heaters do not. Instead, the heater heats solid objects thus raising it’s natural temperature.

Infratech heaters remains a popular choice because they do not give off any harmful emissions or produce any odors. This makes it safe in areas with little to no ventilation. Another great benefit is that Infratech heaters aren’t significant fire hazards either. There is an automatic emergency shut-offs in the event of a unit overheat. Tip-detection technology is also included in case the heaters are knocked over. Cool-touch exteriors is a norm at Infratech so they are not likely to burn children or pets who might come in contact.

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