SunPak Patio Heaters

SunPak patio heaters are made in the USA by Infrared Dynamics. This outdoor heater comes with remote controls and have multiple heat settings for your outdoor space. Many restaurants are utilizing SunPak to comfort guests. Outdoor dining is the new norm during these COVID times, and SunPak is among the top choices for the best outdoor heaters in 2020. We will go over such details to better inform you about outdoor heating.

Made in USA Outdoor Heaters

When it comes to heater products, USA made patio heaters have become very popular this year. When searching the best USA outdoor heaters, many will find themselves looking at SunPak. Sunpak ranges between 25,000 BTU to 34,000 BTUs.

Heating effectiveness depends on a few factors including air temperature, wind velocity, and more. Usually, it is said that you will easily feel 5-10 degrees warmer upon activation of SunPak outdoor electric heaters.

S34, S25 TSH & TSR Sunpak Series

The S34 and S25 series are great choices for outdoor areas such as patios, restaurants, and more. TNG Industries carries multiple models of Sunpak, for more information on our availability for this outdoor heater, contact us here.

Many use Sunpak for commercial purposes due to its effectiveness. Extend your outdoor entertaining season by incorporating a new electric patio heater in your space. Sunpak is a simple and draft free solution for any outdoor heating needs.

CSA Design Certified Patio Heater

Sunpak infrared heaters are equipped for very clean burning natural gas or propane fuels. Cost effective and efficient, SunPak are CSA Design Certified. It is important to know that these outdoor heaters are only for outdoor use and outdoor installation. Popular in many states, order your next outdoor heating equipment at our Midwest distributor location. TNG Industries ships all over the Midwest area of USA as well as the East coast.


SunPak patio heaters have been around for nearly 50 years. It is vital to understand the effectiveness of this particular outdoor heater. TNG Industries carries multiple models of Sunpak and you can check availability today by calling us at 708-449-1100.

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